Green, November 18, 2009.

Green, November 18, 2009.

Watch this movie if you suffer from too much happiness. Green is simply the most depressing film I have ever watched. I know that those words are not exactly a compelling endorsement, but this film will make you question what you do, what you buy, and what you think about the lives affected by deforestation. For this reason, everyone should watch it.

The narrative shows the story of a female orangutan whose home is demolished by the palm industry in Indonesia. Though there is sound, there is no narration of any kind, as the story relies upon visual storytelling, primarily. The images are haunting, beautiful, and disturbing. Just get ready for a downer. — Prof. Roy


One thought on “Green: A documentary of rainforest destruction

  1. Hey, folks. Considering our recent discussion of environmental ethics, and the scale of values (instrumental, intrinsic, and inherent), how would you apply ethics and value to what you see in this film? Or, in other words, should “Green” and the forest she comes from have instrumental, intrinsic, or inherent value? Depending on your answer, what should be our use of rainforests and our care for animals and their habitat?

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