Hello, and welcome to Into the Woods, an online magazine run by students who aim to increase awareness of environmental concerns. For our inaugural post, we could address any one of a variety of issues – GMO salmon, fracking, megastorms – but due to its magnitude and controversy, we’ve chosen to feature climate change. Climate change, sometimes known as global warming, is being caused primarily by human activity and has a potentially devastating impact worldwide. Though the existence of climate change has often been debated, scientific research has shown that it is a very real threat.

courtesy of James Lawrence Powell

courtesy of James Lawrence Powell

Over time, climate change will also have extreme effects on daily life, including more intense natural disasters, increased erosion, and the spread of diseases (Riebeek). Even with this proven scientific research and these potential disastrous consequences, many do not acknowledge climate change. Without advocates for change, there will not be change until it is too late.

As an environmental advocate, Into the Woods will bring light to important subjects both in and out of the media spotlight. Knowledge of these problems is only the first step. Without a collective preventative effort to slow down climate change, humans risk destroying the only place our species calls home.

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One thought on “Welcome to the “Woods”: An Antidote for Climate Change Denial Syndrome

  1. Good job, Editorial Staff section A! Why do you (or any of “you” reading this), think people are in such denial over climate change, particularly in the media? And what do you think we can do about it?

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