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Climate Change and Global Warming

When watching the news or even listening to people discuss the topic of global warming and climate change, a simple answer is never a part of the debate. What’s causing this drastic change in the climate and who is it affecting? These questions are being asked to people who’s opinions and beliefs get in the way of fact, which misconstrue other peoples views on the matter.

Over time, the earth has naturally heated and cooled itself due to it’s natural orbit; but in the past decade it’s gotten much worse (Riebeek). Some people say that the earth is just naturally changing even still, but most people deny the real reason. The real reason that earth’s climate has gotten to be the way it is right now is because of humans (Riebeek). Fossil fuels and greenhouse gasses produced by humans have been polluting the air and causing this drastic change in the earth’s climate (Riebeek).

People don’t want to believe this because they don’t want to be the the ones destroying our home, but people have to come to terms with the facts at some point.

The terms “climate change” and “global warming” are almost one in the same. The definition of global warming simply specifies that the reason for the change in climate is due to greenhouse gasses (Conway). Therefore people can’t say that global warming isn’t real, because it’s specifically defined as exactly what’s happing to the climate today. It’s completely ignorant for someone to say that they don’t believe in global warming or that it’s a conspiracy because all of the facts are there in the open.

Climate change, or more specifically known as global warming, has been proven to be a real threat to our planet. It’s being caused by humans as it simultaneously affects them all no matter where they are on earth. Though the damaging affects may not be as severe in certain areas, in the end global warming affects will leave it’s mark everywhere.

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5 thoughts on “Global Warning: The Debate Over Climate Change Heats Up

  1. I agree that it is indeed a debate. I personally believe that climate change is happening and humans are the main cause of it. While on the other hand I know people (my father) who believe that it is just due to the earth’s natural orbit. I like this article because it sides with my own opinion on global warming/climate change.

  2. I agree that people who deny that we are the reason for climate change or even deny that climate change is occurring just don’t want to except the fact that they are part of the problem. The denial by some people is only going to make the climate change even worse.

  3. I agree that we do not have all the answers to how badly climate change is affecting out planets. Part of me believes that if humans fully knew their part in producing and increasing climate change then maybe we would find a way to prevent it. Another part of me feels that people do not care or how will what they do help slow down the process of climate change. It is a question, that may be solved at a later date.

  4. This was so straight forward and to the point. We do deny that we are the cause of global warming and climate change because we don’t want to accept the fact that we are destroying our planet. We always just assume that the problem will fix itself or that someone else will fix it. But in reality, not enough people are conscious enough to make a change.

  5. I believe that many people who do not believe climate change is real are just in denial that we as humans could actually be hurting our planet. We think that we are perfect and that we do not need to change our ways. Humans are stubborn and it is hard to admit when we are wrong, even with something as serious and threatening as climate change.

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