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While we’ve known about climate change for years now, it still seems as though it’s something new. Most people don’t seem to know or understand the full effects that global warming will have on our future if we take no precautions to stop it. Between all of these articles there is a lot of specific and useful information on global warming. In knowing a substantial amount about global warming, I still learned some new things on the topic.

One piece of new information that I found interesting was the fact that water vapor plays into the greenhouse effect, I had never thought about how water vapor in the atmosphere could help the Earth retain heat. According to the article, “when a small amount of a long-lived greenhouse gas like CO2 warms the atmosphere a little, additional water vapor enters the atmosphere and effectively doubles the amount of warming” (Science FAQs).

In the past year, I believe people have paid more attention to the green movement. But, until there are more people “on board” with it I do not believe much will happen. One part of the green movement, that some people are moving along with, seems to be organic agriculture. According to an article, organic agriculture could substantially help to reverse some of the negative effects of global warming because “organic agriculture can remove from the air and sequester 7,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per acre per year” (Dunn 6 Ways). I think this is some great news because that means that as a planet there is a chance to counteract the negative effects that have already started happening. This is an opportunity for us to make up for the mistakes we have made in the past.

Amongst these articles, there is a substantial amount of information on global warming and its effects. I think this shows that these should be the scientific articles people read when they are looking to find info on the topic of global warming. If that was the case, a lot more people would have a better understanding of global warming and it’s effects.

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9 thoughts on “The Changing Climate

  1. I agree! People are too caught up in the paranoia of global warming that they don’t understand what it truly is. The publicity this issue gets from the news gives everyone the wrong perspective. It can’t be fixed overnight with everyone starting to recycle. Even with changes we make to help the environment the climate will continue to rise.

  2. I agree as well. A lot of peopled have been blind-sided as to what climate change really is. The media just portrays it as the temperature rising a little bit and plays it off like its no big deal. When people are lead to the impression that it isn’t a big deal, they do not have any motivation to take any actions to help the environment.

  3. I agree. Recycling is helpful and is one way to help but its not enough to help the fact of global warming. It has been a problem for to long and people seem to be ignoring it or somewhat realizing it’s a problem and might do something about it. People are need to act sooner than later, and fast. Things will get worse and worse if people don’t act now. Every little thing counts besides recycling. There are different ways to help the environment and climate change.

  4. I agree that people do not fully understand climate change and without fully understanding it, how can we even begin to fix it? It seems like people think that just recycling will stop climate change but it will not, other things need to be done as well. There are many things that we can do to help save our planet from the demise of climate change.

  5. I definitely agree that people know about gobal warming, however, they don’t really know what it truly is. We all need to think of ways to help it because clearly the precautions that we are attempting to take right now are not working. Recycling is not enough, we need to do so much more for the environment.

  6. The science explaining this is everywhere, yet the government almost doesn’t even acknowledge it. It is up to the great masses of the people then to make the difference before it’s too late.

  7. I agree that not enough people are aware of the dangers of climate change/ global warming. If only it were brought up more, maybe more people would do more to help the environment.

  8. I feel that so many people remain uneducated to the real danger climate change can have on our environment. We all must understand what is going on and work together to help the environment in more ways than just recycling.

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