Birdfeeder.BenoitWhile reading the articles about climate change, my previous knowledge about climate change that I gained from the news and other sources was supported. Almost all of the articles touched base on how humans are the main cause of climate change, something I was aware of before reading the articles. The Science FAQ’s article appeared to be the most qualified in my opinion because of the statistics and graphs used in the article. Although I was aware that the United States is the country with the most greenhouse gas emissions, I was astonished to see how much of a difference there is between the United States and the next country, China. According to the Science FAQ’s article, the United States is responsible for over 25 percent of total world greenhouse gas emissions, while China is only responsible for about 7 percent (Science FAQs).
The Science FAQ’s article not only points out that humans are the main cause of climate change and the U.S. is the leader in greenhouse gas emissions, it emphasizes that humans have a huge impact on global warming. My previous knowledge of climate change has lead me to the conclusion that humans have created the problem of climate change, and, therefore, it is mankind’s responsibility to try and fix it. The Science FAQ’s article supports this conclusion indirectly by all of the statistics and information given in the article. The reading of these articles, mostly the Science FAQ’s article, opened my eyes to the affects of climate change and greenhouse gas emissions have already made all across the world and that it is our job, as being responsible for this problem, to make a valiant effort to fix it.

“Science FAQs”. Center For Climate and Energy Solutions. June 2011. 31 Jan 2013.

10 thoughts on “Mankind’s Impact on Global Warming

  1. I also found the differences in the amount of green house emission between us and the other countries was shocking. So this makes me wonder if the climate change intensifies quicker for us than it does the other areas that have less green house gas emission?

  2. I had the same thoughts when I was reading this article as well. I also agree that humans should be the ones held responsible for all of the damage that we have caused. I think that this will take a while though because some humans are blind to a problem until it directly effects them personally. I feel like a lot of people feel like climate change is over rated therefore it isn’t a problem yet. I hope that mentality changes soon.

  3. I agree that humans are the ones to be held responsible for the damages being done by climate change. Since, as Americans, we know how much we have an impact on the emission of greenhouse gases we should be doing to lower our impact. I also agree that a lot of people think that climate change isn’t a big problem or that it is the natural course of the earth. They should be informed with factual information so we can work on helping the earth.

  4. I also agree that humans are mainly responsible for the climate changes. We are the ones that created everything and use everything that harms our environment. Also I believe we should be the ones to work to fix the damage we have caused. I also am curious about if the climate change intensifies more for us if we are the leading cause.

  5. I agree that humans are responsible for the increase in climate change and that we should be the ones to fix it. I do not think that we take climate change as seriously as we should. It is affecting our environment and it is clear to see, yet we ignore it. I also agree that the article gave great statistics that prove that we are the reason that climate change is so high. We should work together as a community and reduce our impact on climate change.

  6. I agree that humans are the reason for climate change. It is very interesting to see the differences between the two countries. The U.S should really think about what they are doing to Earth.

  7. I agree with the articles that talked about climate change and humans being the main reason for the damage being caused. I found the Science FAQ’s article to be very reliable due to all the graphs and charts displayed. They gave the reader a clear idea of just how much the US contributes to green house gases.

  8. I was aware that humans were the main cause of climate change and that the U.S. was the leading country in greenhouse gas emissions, but i didn’t know that the U.S. was doing that much damage. Maybe if the U.S. started living like other countries, then we could cut down on the greenhouse gas emissions.

  9. Humans are definitely the source that is most responsible for climate change due to gas emissions. Its embarrassing to see that the United States is most responsible for the damage. We need to take cues from other countries on how to live our lives in a way that does less damage to the earth.

  10. Very surprised to learn that the U.S. was the leading contributor to Global warming at about 25%. I thought that we would be high up on the list but not at number 1. It gives you something to think about how we are running our country.

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