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Before reading articles on climate change, I believed the problem was merely a rise in temperature, nothing more. However, rising temperatures are not the only concern with global warming. Rising sea levels, melting ice/snow, altered range of infectious diseases, lengthened growing seasons, unusual rainfall patterns, extreme weather conditions, and amplified coastal erosion is also turning heads. I was completely uneducated to the other causes/effects of global warming. After obtaining all this new information I feel very strongly at doing everything possible to prevent further global warming, but according to the NASA website warming will occur even if gas emission is reduced because the Earth’s system has not adjusted to changes we have already made (United States. NASA). In addition, these articles all had a common thought, or as they proved it to be true, a serious concern. The climate is changing and we are to blame. Natural causes could not account for the staggering quantities of the emitted greenhouse gases of late. According to the Center for Climate and Energy Solution’s website, the U.S. has the highest percentage of CO2 gas emission from 1850-2007 with nearly 30%. The next highest country was China with less than 10%.

That being said I’m shocked that these numbers are not going out to the public. The information I have read in these articles is far more informative than any report a news channel could have given me. Of the time when I watch global warming is briefly mentioned in the news I have never seen an individual such as a scientist or professional in the area come on the show to discuss it. It is always a random unqualified person talking about the issue or voicing their opinion. Compared to the credible information on climate change I have obtained from these articles the reports on the news, or just hearing people discussing it is very amateur, unscientific, and disappointingly inaccurate.  I just hope that the public can be properly informed about this issue before we become in over our heads in greenhouse gas emission.


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7 thoughts on “The Other Side of Global Warming…I Mean Climate Change

  1. I was feeling the same way after reading NASA’s article. The news wasn’t really making climate change seem to bad. They almost sugar coat when in reality this issue is so serious and beyond scary. The more the media sugar coats this information on climate change to the public, more people won’t take this issue seriously and will be less likely to do something about it. I believe that if more humans learned this information about climate change they would feel the same way, shocked. I think that’s the only way to get to people.

  2. I agree with you that the news has not been telling us exactly how bad climate change is. They sugarcoat the facts and make us believe it really isn’t that big of a deal, leading us to not devote any time towards the matter, or care at all. The news and scientists need to lay the facts on the table for the public so we can get a real look at what the future holds. Maybe with this shock of information, people will care and spend time to save the planet.

  3. Before reading the article I had also believed that rising temperatures were the only cause of climate change. I was shocked to find out that there are multiple other factors causing the climate to change. I learned a great deal from reading the articles.

  4. When I did my research paper on climate change, i also discovered all of the other effects climate change has on the earth, and i was very surprised that this wasn’t advertised more to the public.

  5. The news should definitely address global warming and climate change more. So many people are unaware of how much damage us humans are doing to the climate. A large chunk of people do believe that global warming an d climate change is just rises in temperatures. It needs to be stressed more that we are the cause.

  6. i liked this article a lot because it talked about a huge problem that for some reason a lot of people choose to look over and almost forget about it. This article can do a lot of good for people if they read it because hopefully people will stop looking over this growing problem of global warming and not just the raising in temperature.

  7. Before reading this article I also thought that global warming was just the temperature rising. I never really knew about all the other problems that can come from global warming.

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