cropped-iphone-camera-pics-apr-oct-2012-0032.jpgWhen you think about climate change does anything come to mind? Any facts or statistics? Unless you are a scientist, the answers to these questions are most likely a no. The news and people who are supposed to share information about climate change with you have definitely been lax. When I watch the news on anything about climate change, I see and hear watered down versions of what the truth is. When I read what scientists have to say about climate change they write scary facts. The truth is, climate change is a huge deal and ultimately will affect every one of us if we don’t try to slow down the process. The news tells us what we want to hear: that it is not that big of a deal and won’t be a significant problem for a while. What they do not know is climate change is very present and needs to be broadcasted more.

In an article on treehugger.com by Graham Richard Michael, it states that Sunday’s shows have not mentioned climate change since 2009. This is a huge problem for America and the world because if we do not start to take this topic seriously, we may ultimately kill the Earth ourselves. As humans we have become one of the leading causes for climate change. From using fossil fuels to not recycling, we alone have made a huge impact on our world. The climate is what keeps our world balanced; it is what makes seasons. Without proper climate control, the world we know could cease to exist. To make a future for the generations ahead, right now is the time to focus and generate a message about saving the Earth. If we do not do it now who knows what the future will look like? What I have read in these articles has changed my perspective of this topic. If I had never read these articles, I would not know how serious the topic of climate change really is. These articles have definitely opened my eyes to what we need to do as humans to fix this issue.

Michael, Graham Richard. Since 2009, Sunday TV Shows Have Not Quoted A Single Scientist On Climate Change. Treehugger.com. Web. 1 Feb. 2013.

18 thoughts on “The Truth About Climate Change

  1. We definitely need to be talking about the issue of climate change more. What is said about Sunday’s shows have not mentioned climate change since 2009 is shocking. It is a big problem that needs to be discussed, people need to be aware of it, so that we can lessen our harmful impact.

  2. People do not talk about climate change as much as they should. It is a big problem and people need to face facts. I feel like people have been selfish and not aware of the problems at stake.

  3. I definitely agree that the news and media are not telling us the complete story about climate change, a part of me feels that they don’t even fully understand what they are talking about. More scientists should work with the news stations to allow the information of climate change to spread. Climate change is a serious topic and we should understand it in order to find ways to help reduce it.

  4. I feel like people don’t care enough about climate change because they aren’t educated on the topic. If more people start showing that this is a huge problem, then maybe more people will start to show interest and car about the problem.

  5. People have become so blind to the damage caused by the ever changing climate, that no one is putting any effort into changing our climate back to a state where we’re no longer in danger of living in. All I have to say is that we need to being doing a lot more in order to make a difference.

  6. I agree that the news doesn’t cover climate change well. Before we read any of the articles I had no idea how big of an impact climate change was having on the planet. I agree with dmartin that scientists should work with news stations to help them understand, so they can show the public the facts. I also think that scientists should try and make the information more public on their own too. Besides just scientific articles and such because not everyone reads those. Most people watch the news and read the newspaper, so if scientists could get the message out better too I think that would help.

  7. I can relate to how you feel about this situation, climate change is such a big issue it is stupid of us to not take it seriously. in my opinion i think that people these days are too careless and think that “someone else will deal with it” but in reality, who is that someone going to be? I know its not me. as humans we need to take a stand and make changes to make this world that we live in a better place.

  8. I find it shocking that the news hasn’t mentioned the climate change issue since 2009, especially since it has escalated a great deal since then. The word needs to get out about the sever consequences of climate change now, if we want to prevent any further damage to the planet.

  9. I think that climate change is a very touchy subject; some people believe that it is happening, some do not. That said, it is a problem that keeps getting worse, but in order to change it, we need to keep bringing awareness to the topic. The fact that it hadn’t been mentioned since 2009 is a problem, and I believe it is an indicator that the world isn’t really progressing in the ways that we need it to in order to change things.

  10. people really have no clue of the damage that is being done to our environment due to climate change. i believe that it is honestly really sad how unaware people are. this issue is only going to get better if WE do something about it, but will that ever actually happen?

  11. Climate change has not been mentioned since 2009? That is not okay. It shocks me to think that people do not think or take this topic as serious as it should be taken.

  12. This was a good article because it is attempting to show people that something must be done about the climate change or we will all regret it. There are a lot of people who are trying to ignore this problem but this article is doing a good job in telling people they cant do that.

  13. This article hits the problem of global warming being understated in the media spot on. It is humans that are the one and only reason for global warming, and people must accept this in order to take precautions and steps in order to help prevent the effects of global warming on this Earth. The media needs to stop downgrading global warming and boost it’s awareness to cause a change in the dealing with global warming.

  14. Climate change is a way bigger problem than people think, i agree with this article because i do not think the news does a very good job in reporting this issue. That being said, the average person may not know how badly we, as humans, are speeding up the process of climate change. It is our job to keep the Earth clean and everyone should be contributing to do so.

  15. Climate change continues to be talked about but few actions have been taken to prevent this issue. The topic needs to be brought to attention more and I agree people need to start taking this more seriously.

  16. With all the recent events going on in the world right now I feel climate change has been almost forgotten about by many people. Changes must be made and we cannot keep pushing this problem aside before it becomes too late.

  17. I agree with what this post is saying. Its true that the emphasis the media puts on global warming is way to lax. Its a worsening problem that is being discussed less and less. People need to be more informed or nothing will change.

  18. I agree that humans aren’t as informed as they should be. The news need to hype this event up or else the earth can become worse. As we focus on the youth of our earth, we should be informing them.

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