Kayla B's treetop crow.

Kayla B’s treetop crow.

The media portrays society’s modernization as progress, focusing heavily on new technology and developments. However, when looking at the various effects from modernization, it seems as though we are on a self-destructive path. Among the more developed countries are the highest rates of greenhouse gas emissions, led by the United States which “is responsible for the largest fraction of cumulative CO2 emissions from energy use since 1850” (Center).

Global warming causes a multitude of reactions, which can be potentially life threatening (Riebeek). The increase in temperature creates warmer environments, which can greatly affect agriculture and public health (Riebeek). More severe natural disasters from this rapid warming could potentially be more devastating for people around the world (Riebeek). These changes in the environment are both short- and long-term, including land erosion and increased flooding (Riebeek).

Even with these dangers in the future, society largely ignores global warming. Media coverage of global warming has decreased over the years, and is usually discussed from a political perspective (Richard). This resistance to change is going to be an incredibly difficult burden for future generations to bear. The methods to decrease human impact on global warming are available, but a worldwide effort to deviate from the current environmental standards remains unseen.

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22 thoughts on “Facing The Facts

  1. I was shocked to find out that global warming is increasingly becoming so dangerous that lives are being threatened. I had no idea that the change in the temperature of water could effect public health. These articles made me want to research even more into the subject.

  2. I totally agree with the point about today’s modernization leading us down a self destructive path. Sure its great that we are making all these technological advancements, but we are seriously hurting the irreplaceable world around us.

  3. Before reading this article, I was unaware of the fact that global warming is putting the human population in danger. I always knew that global warming was a huge issue. However, I was unaware that it was this big of an issue. I really agreed with the part of the article which states “society largely ignores global warming”. I feel as if socitey is aware that global warming is taking place. No one really pays attention though to what global warming is doing to the planet. Due to the fact that no one really pays attention to this, there are going to be some scary consequences for this in the future.

  4. It is unfortunate that there are much cleaner and more efficient alternatives for energy out there and not much is being done to replace the old fossil fuel sources with them. In the end, it all comes down to money and who has the most of it. Big oil companies have invested millions upon millions to shut down or slow projects to develop better, cleaner machines that either use fossil fuels much more efficiently or don’t use them at all. I remember hearing a story about Volkswagen and at one time they had a car design that got 80 miles to the gallon and unfortunately, an oil company made the engineer who designed it an offer he couldn’t refuse and the car never saw the light of day. It’s sad really that it all revolves around the green stuff.

  5. I believe we should be using our resources to their fullest potential, and it’s sad that even today we are not able to do so, or even fully realize that it needs to start happening. Although even I was unaware of the rapid damage that global warming is doing to our people, I was always aware that there are not enough people trying to help. I think we are most definitely threatened as a society and I also believe we are mostly to blame.

  6. I find it hard to believe that with all the other sources of energy that probably would be safer for the environment, we tend to use the ones that harm the environment the most. Maybe if we did that we wouldn’t be dealing with problems such as global warming today.

  7. I think that more people need to be informed about the damage that global warming is actually causing. Even I wasn’t aware of how bad things really are and how bad they are going to get if people don’t start taking it more seriously.

  8. Its crazy that we can be making so many technological advancements but causing so much harm at the same time. I wasn’t aware at all that these problems are life threatening. I had no idea that global warming could make natural disasters much worse either. I think we all need to start focusing on the consequences for our actions. Is all of our technological advancements worth this?

  9. I liked your comparison between how the media views our modernization and how scientists view it in the opening paragraph. Our destructive modernization has definetly accelerated the effects of climate change by means of green house gas emission. We have certainly become more aware of our problems, but we need to take more action if we really want to reduce the green house gas emissions.

    • I agree with your point, Emily. I believe that many people are aware of global warming, or at least have heard of it. I feel that the lack of action to be more environmentally friendly is much more of a problem than a lack of awareness. Until the severity of the issue is noted and taken seriously, we will not make progress. There are simple steps to becoming more environmentally friendly in the short run that many people don’t incorporate in their daily lives.

  10. I would just like to add to this that I did a research paper on climate change affecting disease in the world. Along with these points, climate change can also worsen diseases around the world. The climate becoming warmer allows disease hosts to incubate faster and in different regions because of the global change in climate.

  11. It is shocking to think that global warming is capable of destroying man kind. And change in water can affect public health? Facts like these need to be voiced and taken care of before something actually happens! It’s a scary truth to take in.

    • I agree, the fact that our news stations are not keeping the public aware and up to date on this issue is scary. The fact that something this important to the potential existence of our planet is being kept from the public isn’t fair to anyone and we are only hurting ourselves.

  12. Global warming is a huge issue that is simply treated like a minor one. This cannot continue to happen as it will eventually lead to the demise and degradation of Earth and the human population. Americans must realize that in order for a global outreach towards global warming, we must act first, as we are the leading greenhouse gas emissions country in the world.

  13. I was very surprised to learn how much of a problem Global warming is. I always knew that it was not healthy for the planet or humans but it didnt occur to me that it could really be that bad at this time or that consequences from it could affect me later in life. I always thought that our generation would be gone way before global warming did anything serious.

  14. I agree that facts about this issue need to be brought to light and talked about more! Otherwise this will continue to happen and deteriorate our environment.

  15. It seems that many people do not seem to care about climate change mainly because the earth warming up does not seem like a big threat. Its shocking to see that even climate change can have such drastic affects that it could even be life threatening and detrimental to our health.

  16. I agree with this post. People really don’t have a full understanding of the impacts of climate change. It’s not only the earth warming, this warming was serious consequences on all aspects of life.

  17. I feel that the evidence of the effects of climate change have become apparent. Though the news stations don’t relate climate change to the frequent and disastrous storms surrounding us, it is one of the effects. If you look at the recent natural disasters (hurricanes, snow storms, tornado outbreaks, etc) and the severity of them compared to natural disasters before, one can easily note the increased severity of the most recent storms.

  18. At first I didn’t believe climate change existed only because I was scared to think that the world could be underwater at some point. However, it was an eye opener when I found out humans were a huge cause. We need to reduce our carbon footprint. The facts are there people just need to begin informing themselves and others.

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